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To The Sista Who Needs Her SOUL Refreshed

Y’all I just wanted to share with you some things that re-energize me. My hope is that these inspirational channels and rituals can be a source of re-energizing you. Just some “pick me ups” when you feel down. So here we go!.

1. Naps! Anyone who knows me, knows I love to sleep. Sleep literally recharges you. Good ole Sunday naps are low-key the best day to take naps. You never know, some of your best ideas can come to you in your dreams. Sometimes, God may even speak to you in your dreams.

2. Podcasts!

Listen to podcasts in the car or while you are doing something around the house. Good vibes, nuggets of wisdom, and a whole lot of fun are necessities to look for in a podcast.

Some favorites are:

  • Glow Getter Podcast

  • Woman Evolve

  • Chrystal’s Chronicles

  • The Courtney Sanders Show

  • The Love Hour

  • The Jamie Grace Podcast

  • The Same Room

  • Thirty Minutes with the Perry’s

  • Commuter’s Communion

  • Yes, Girl

  • Jesus & Jollof

  • Blessed & Bossed Up

3. Self Care Day! My dedicated day of the week is Sunday where I cut off my phone and just have quality time with Jesus first and do whatever makes my soul happy. I HIGHLY recommend setting aside a day to yourself. It will make a HUGE difference in your life.

4. Social Media Fast! Every month, take a week or so away from social media. Comparison is easy to do so every now and then, it is okay to step away for a bit.

5. Youtube Videos! I LOVE LOVE LOVE youtube. I could just waste my day away on it lol! BUT I love following channels where I learn a thing or two.

If Youtube is your thing, here are some suggested channels to follow:

  • The Azonwus

  • Transformation Church

  • Karolyn Roberts

  • Heather Lindsey

  • Ashley Empowers

  • Michael and Amanda

  • Elevation Church

  • The Potter's House LA

6. Book Reading! If you are a bookworm like me, reading is EVERYTHING. It is a dope way to gain knowledge and wisdom.

Some dope inspirational reads are:

  • Lost and Found by Sarah Jakes Roberts

  • Overlooked by Cornelius Lindsey

  • Crushing by TD Jakes

  • If Only You Knew by Jamie Ivy

  • Silent Seasons by Heather Lindsey

I hope this list was helpful. It is important to take care of you because when you love on yourself, you have enough love to pour out onto others. Sista, the key in life is to find what energizes you and refreshes your soul.

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