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Open Doors, Closed Doors, but what about the Cracked Doors?

I was having a conversation with my brother and we were talking about how so much attention is placed on the closed and open doors but nobody talks about the cracked doors.

You may be asking, what are cracked doors? I think my brother explained it perfectly when he said, “Cracked doors are those doors where you can peek in and see.” The opportunity is right there and you can feel it on the horizon, but it’s not in your hands just yet. Can you relate?

Those cracked doors are something else because you're left without a final answer. I think both closed and open doors are often easier to digest because it’s either “yes” or “no” But those cracked often give “maybe.”

Sis, I feel the frustration because being in limbo is no fun. It’s like you just want to walk all the way in. All the way into your purpose or all the way into that job opportunity. Whatever it is in your heart. But know this, what God is working on in your life is worthwhile. it is WORTH the wait.

One of my favorite verses in my waiting seasons is John 13:7—“ Jesus replied, “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.” (Context is this was Jesus’ last dinner with the disciples before his death.) I don’t know about you but that verse hits me because it always reminds me that God has a plan. He’s too intentional to just wing "it." He thinks things through. And not just that, he sees all things. And your life is NOT the exception.

So those cracked doors are cracked for a reason just like those open doors opened for a reason. And as much as it hurts, those closed doors closed in our face for a reason. I can’t say you’ll like it or fully understand it. I don’t have those answers but I know Romans 8:28 to be true. No matter what happens, God will pull something good out of EVERY situation we go through. No, the situation may not BE good but something good can come out of it.

A door can represent an element of hope that there’s something on the other side. So keep the hope that the “doors” in your life hold something worthwhile on the other side.

One last thing about these doors. I was curious about the symbolism of doors so I looked it up.

Open Doors:

  • A symbol of a new beginning.

  • It shows that there is a way out

  • Provides a view of what lies ahead

Closed or Locked Doors

  • Can feel like a dead end

  • It can also serve as redirection.


  • An open entrance that even when closed, a person can see what lies beyond a gate.

(SOURCE: PyschologyCentre)

I never knew doors could be so deep lol. But pause for a moment and think about the different doors in your life. And know that each and every single one of them has a purpose.

My prayer for you is that the doors that may be closed or cracked for now will open up.

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