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Sista, Don't You Know He's the God of the Breadcrumbs?

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Have you been struggling to figure out what your next move should be? Or maybe you’re hesitant about the direction God is leading you? I’m right there with you, friend. I wanted to write about being led by the Holy Spirit. For those reading who may be brand new in their relationship with God or simply growing in their walk with Christ, the Holy spirit is what some people describe as “something told me to…” If we look at the Bible, the Holy Spirit is described as many things but I call him “my inner nudge” who directs me on where to go and what to do. You may be thinking, “Girl, you’re crazy. You’re talking about voices in your head.” Not exactly. Let me take you to a verse, John 14:26 which says, “But when the Father sends the Advocate as my representative—that is, the Holy Spirit—he will teach you everything and will remind you of everything I have told you.” See, when Jesus left the Earth, he left a gift or a representative of HIM for us here on Earth. I once heard my pastor say, “The bible is meant to show us how to live on this earth as a Christian but the Holy spirit fills in those gaps for everyday living.” This is so on point! I will use me for example. One random day, I could be driving to work and I “feel led” to take a different route to work. I can go to my Bible all I want but I will not find, “Marlisa, take Michigan Avenue instead of Ford Road today.” It is not that specific to my life so thankfully, in his goodness, God gave me the Holy Spirit who fills me in on those little day-to-day things.


So now that I have explained who He is, I want to talk more about what he does. When you hear believers talk about “being led by God,” this is where the Holy spirit comes in. He is the one doing the leading. Now, some people take this to a whole other level but think of him as this “Inner voice that lets you know what’s up.” If you’re praying about your next move whether it be your career, relationship, education, etc—this is who you want to talk to. I am not talking about an audible voice but the holy spirit more so gives you peace to move towards a situation or a small doubt to step away from a situation. For example, if you go somewhere that you know you should not be and you feel extremely uncomfortable—that is the Holy spirit convicting you and saying, “Girl, now you know you should not be here.”

 Many Christians over-spiritualize how to talk to Jesus and how he talks to us but you can really come to him and speak like you would to your best friend. Now don’t get me wrong, there is a reverence and honor that you should bring but I am saying there is no “super spiritual talk” (thus, thou, and shall) or “spookiness” required. Jesus is real down to earth, I mean he literally came here, what more can you ask? He wants to know the details of your life and the deep things bothering your heart. How can you pray for him to work out a situation when you cannot even tell him about the situation? Yes, he knows everything but he wants to hear it from you! Same thing goes for the Holy spirit! Be real! And friend, know that you never have to “get yourself together” to come to God. The whole point of this life is God does all of that for us. He constantly is perfecting us because he knows we will never be perfect! What a relief?!


I used to always wonder how do I distinguish my own voice and God’s voice through the Holy spirit? The best way I can put it is you know it is Him when you have peace. Sis, God is NOT the author of confusion so If you prayed about it, you may have to sit still for a moment before you receive an answer. Also, remember that the answer will probably not come in the form of God cracking the sky and shouting “Go here! or Do this!” God is gentle so he will never force you into doing something through fear or anger. The answer you have been waiting for may come in the form of you making the move and then this subtle, but powerful feeling of peace overwhelms you as you do it. When I took my current job, this is what I experienced.

If you do not feel any peace or haven’t felt to move in a certain direction, WAIT ON GOD! I know it is easier said than done but it is better to stop and wait than to move ahead of God! But even if you do make the wrong move, do NOT beat yourself up because he will ALWAYS redirect you towards the right track again. No matter how long or how many times you get off course. See it breaks my heart that people see God as this vengeful Creator when in reality, he is SO LOVING. I love this quote by Chrystal Hurst that says, “God will NEVER EVER leave you without a next step. He leaves you hints on what to do next. Evidence. Breadcrumbs. “ So in the meantime in between time while waiting, Just chill and trust that God sees and knows everything. He’s got you!

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