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To My Sista With Scars,

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

We ALL have scars.


 Scars are a reminder of what we have been through. We have all been scarred at some point. It is impossible to get through life without them.  I love the quote that “Scars are a personal roadmap of your history.”

I can remember one of my first ones. At around 8 years old, I was playing outside with my cousin. The daredevil in me wanted to prove my amazing bike riding skills so I agreed to a race with my older, teenage cousin. The mission was to race to the end of the block. I felt invincible. I would find out, a little TOO free. Y’all, I flew down that street in my neighborhood. I didn’t know I can pedal so rapidly. Boom. Next thing I knew, I was on the ground with blood gushing out. I started balling. My cousin freaked out and ran to get my mom. If you can imagine, that did not go very well.  As I write this blog, I can still see the remnants, a circular scar on my elbow and an odd-shaped discoloration on my knee. That scar on my knee was a source of insecurity for a long time. It was a reminder of a silly decision I made.


 See, that physical scar was only the beginning of the scars I have picked up along the way of this thing called life. Our scars are never just skin deep. A scar can be that loss of a loved one that left a gaping hole or a molestation that stole your innocence. All of our scars look different but they have one thing in common, they hurt. One of my biggest scars was self-doubt. I have always been my greatest enemy because I am very hard on myself. And that intensity lead me to feeling downright depressed. Part of that was rooted in what others told me I could and could not do but a huge part of it was what I told myself. Maybe you can relate. See, scars aren’t just due to physical trauma, but also due to emotional trauma. I looked up the definition of a scar. It is a lasting after effect of trouble, especially a lasting psychological injury resulting from suffering or trauma.


 Sis, what scars do you have? That scar can be a symbol of something painful but it should also be a reminder to you of your resilience and how far you have come. Those scars tell a story. A story that you may not have chosen on your own, but nevertheless it is yours. Own them. Your scars make you who you are. You are no less beautiful. Do not believe the lies that you have to cover them up. No band-aid needed. Your scar is a sign of your healing journey.


 I want to let you in on something, Jesus has scars/wounds too. Oh, you thought his scars didn’t stay because of who He is? Absolutely not! Don’t you know the lashes he took and the beatings he endured are still on him today? The holes from the nails that were placed his hand are STILL there. In John 20:19-31, Jesus purposely showed the disciples his scars. There is power in that. He was not ashamed or afraid. Jesus knew his scars told his story. A story of love and reconciliation. I want to share something that I read.....

“It’s practically impossible to pass through life without wounds. Even if you don’t have physical scars, we all have emotional scars that are wounds in our hearts. In this world you will have trouble. Jesus said that. Jesus knows. He has the scars to prove it on His hands and feet. But Jesus had soul wounds too. Betrayed by friends. Abandoned by His family. Despised and rejected by religious leaders. Forgotten. Forsaken. Falsely Accused. Yet, when Jesus appeared to His followers after dying on the cross, one of the first things He did was to show them His scars.“Look at my hands and my feet. It is I myself!” Jesus says in Luke 24:39.”


Jesus’ scars are representative of his sacrifice. They prove his finished work at the cross. He could have easily gotten rid of his scars but he chose not too. Why did he choose to keep them? I used to wonder this myself but the reason is so clear. Jesus wanted to share his wounds as a reminder. Jesus wanted to remind us that we are loved, we are not alone, and we were worth every pain and piercing. Sis, you are not alone. You may feel scarred, cracked, or even damaged but just like a crunched up dollar bill, your worth is NOT diminished. Your worth is not dependent upon what you go through, it is set in stone. You may have a collection of scars but sis, all of them are a reflection of your strength and proof that you are healed from the pain of your past. Let God heal your scar tissue. His scars turned our scars into something beautiful. Beauty for ashes. Never ever forget that!!!

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