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The MOST Difficult Spiritual LESSON for This Sista to Learn

Alright sis, so I talked about the most difficult concept for me to grasp. Now, I want to dive into the most difficult lesson. Hands down, the hardest lesson for me has been NOT getting attached to my plans. I am a self-proclaimed planner who had her life all figured out very early on. When I was a teenager, you couldn’t tell me that I wouldn’t graduate at 21, be married by 25 with my first kid by 27. The crazy part is, this was my mom’s story and I tried to adopt it into my own. The truth is, I am not my mother. I am me. I had this whole entire life script in my mind. I got mad and dare I say bitter when things didn’t play out like I planned. One day, I came to the realization that I COMPLETELY left GOD OUT. I gave him no room to fit in. I was basically telling him what was going to happen and he better stick with it. I shut God out of my life.

Sista, we have to make room for God. We have to leave room for God in our plans. It is okay to have dreams, plans, aspirations, and expectations but make sure they are flexible. Because often what we want and what He wants does not align. Friend, we have to make sure we aren’t so dead set on our vision so that if God switches it up, we aren’t ready to abandon Him. Isaiah 55:8 says “I don’t think the way you think. The way you work isn’t the way I work.” God’s Decree. If God squashes our plans, it is only because he has something different BUT even better in mind.

I will let you in on my life. I majored in nursing in college. Well, junior year, I ended up failing out of a course. It completely devastated me. I can remember crying until my eyes were puffy because I had this picture of smooth sailing to graduation. Well, not only did I have to repeat the course BUT my graduation date was pushed back by 6 months. I was wrecked. The perfectionist in me took it real hard.

Well, of course God knew this was going to happen. He already made provision. BECAUSE of my later graduation date, I was able to participate in a research study abroad program in Jamaica that changed my life. See, God knew. Even though my plans were to graduate on time with my class, God used what I thought was horrible and turned it into something beautiful. I had no idea that my failure would turn into one of my greatest blessings. Looking back, I asked God to show me the good in my situation and he not only did that, he showed out!

Sista, God will always show you the good. When I’m tempted to get upset with God for wrecking my plans, I step outside of myself and give myself a pep talk. It looks a little something like this, “Girl, you are doubting the same One that didn’t just create you but the whole entire universe. Are you really not going to trust the One who can see the past, present, and future at the same time? You really think he doesn’t know what he is doing despite his word saying he has great plans for you?” I promise y’all this is my pep talk to myself and I want to do the same to you.

Sis, I know you have your whole life planned out in your own head or at least an idea of how you want it to go but it’s time to get rid of it. Your plan is a back up plan to God’s plan. And a back up plan means you don’t trust God’s plan. Do you really think the God of the Universe who sent his ONLY son to take your place just so you wouldn’t have to take on the penalty of sin would really let you down? Keep dreaming because I believe our dreams are tied to our purpose. But don’t get ahead of God. Instead of making your plans and then going to God. Go to God and THEN make your plans.

So sis, I say all that to say even in the midst of our plans, look for God. Different things can easily throw a monkey wrench in our plans. Don’t panic because you will find God in the detour. Give Him the ability to step in and change your routine. If we give him room, we won’t be so caught off guard when that delay, denial, or disappointment happens. Who knows sis, the detours in your life may be a purposeful re-route that leads you to exactly what you should be doing.

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