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Sista,You are ENOUGH, As is, Right NOW

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

A lot of my blog posts touch on confidence because it's something I have and still struggle with from time to time. Sis, these blog posts are as much for me as they are for you. In this post, I want to give you the practical and spiritual side of WHY you are enough. Sista, The Magic is YOU.

Even if you don’t believe the things below yet, keep speaking these things over yourself. One day, you will look up and actually believe them.

1. The anointing is in authenticity. It is in you being authentically You. You can try to shape your image to be like the next girl on the gram or even contour your character to imitate another person but the anointing flows strongest when you stay in the lane God carved out for you!

2. YOU ARE ENOUGH in this moment, as you are. Who told you that you were not good enough? God says, “I’ve called you, and I’ve already made you “good enough.” Even when you make mistakes, I’m working something good in you through the experience. In fact, you are reflecting my glory right now, even though you don’t feel it”(Romans 8:28-302 Cor. 3:18)

3. Do not rob the world of “you” by trying to be someone else. Find out what your special sauce is. The trick is it is already in you but it may take some digging. I don’t think we truly believe Psalm 139 that says we are fearfully and wonderfully made. If we really did, we would carry ourselves in a totally different way. Think about it. God took the time to craft you and me from dust and water. When we leave this earth, we go back to the form he created the first man, Adam.

4. Don’t let anyone discredit who you are, not even your own thoughts. Sometimes, our thoughts can wild out. It is up to us to reign them in with the truth. Let those thoughts pass on through. And here's a little secret, just because someone doesn’t understand who you are, it shouldn’t make you question who you are. I am speaking this to myself as much as I am to you.

5. Embrace You. Makeup free. Fro out. Curls hanging. Hair Laid. God made you and to look in the mirror and tear the girl staring back down is to spit in God’s face. Sounds dramatic, but it's true? When you tear yourself down, you tear God down because we are made in His image.

Speaking of truth—Truthfully, when I wrote these things down, I did not believe all of it. I still question some of these things today. However, I truly believe we are to speak things as though they were and not as though they are. As I keep reading it and letting God work in and on me, I believe ALL of those words more and more. My wish is that the same occurs for you.

It’s time to strip away the power of our insecurities ONCE AND FOR ALL and put on the confidence we were meant to have. Confidence is a daily walk so it’s a decision that we have to make everyday. Confidence is also something that cannot be done in our own power. My advice to you is to figure out who God is to you. Learn his character and when you do, you will find “you.”

I came across this challenge by Melissa Fredericks that I love and I encourage you to do.— Pick a characteristic about yourself that you like and LOVE on that. Even if it is something you marginally like, like on it until you start loving it. Just FIND ANYTHING you like about yourself. Then, I want you to FIND SOMETHING you do not like and show it some attention until you DO LIKE IT. Highlight that feature. For me, I chose to highlight my shoulders. All I did was wear off the shoulder tops for that week. By the end of the week, no one could tell me NOTHING about my strong shoulders lol! Now, this exercise may be difficult as first but it gets easier as you do it. My vow is to do this challenge every week. Just pick something (eyes, lips, feet, etc...)--I suggest that the first thing should be something you are genuinely insecure about! Let's get it! My prayer is that this will help us to confront our past and present insecurities.

I can't forget that when you do this challenge, pair it with a scripture. The best way to get over insecurity is to find out who God says you are. Find out more about God because when you do so, he will show you who you are. We can't love ourselves without knowing what TRUE LOVE is. The greatest example is between Jesus and us. Look at how God loves. Look at how Jesus loved while here on earth. We should have healthy self-esteem BUT it only happens when we get our eyes off of ourselves from time to time.

I’ll leave you with this reminder—Keep being authentically you because the WORLD needs it. Don’t rob the world of your gift because there will most definitely be a void left unfilled if you keep questioning yourself. Always remember that God graced you and he has a plan for you but the anointing only flows in you being “you.” And Never EVER forget that you are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made!

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