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Lessons Learned from One Sista to Another

 Life is about learning lessons. I don’t pretend that I know it all because friend, I don’t and never will. But I have learned a few things along the way. The lessons I am going to share are not things that I have mastered but are lessons that I definitely try to incorporate into my life. Y’all I am a CONSTANT work in progress. A quote comes to mind that says, “You are allowed to be a work in progress and a masterpiece simultaneously.”


I love reading other blogs and I came across a post that spoke to me so I am going to share what I read and add my two cents lol.

25 Bomb Life Lessons That I Take with Me:

1. “Examine your foundation carefully. Make sure your worldview is rooted in truth and then stand firmly in that truth.” I want to add that you should make sure the foundation is unshakeable and in my ever changing life, my constant and solid foundation is found in God.

2. “Remain teachable. Be humble. You don’t know everything. There is always more to learn. Surround yourself with wise influencers and take notes.”  Learning requires us to not be the wisest person in a room and that is okay!! Soak up the knowledge and wisdom.

3. “Dig deeper than your doubt. Use your youth as an opportunity to search out the truth.”

4. “Choose your community carefully. Your close friends are instrumental in shaping your life.” Your tribe affects your vibe. Whoever you hang around whether you like it or not is pouring into you so choose wisely.

5. “Feed Yourself--Mind, Body, and Soul need DAILY nourishment.” Have a daily routine to re-energize and recharge. Exercise and eat right for body care. Pray, talk to God, and read his words for spirit care. Moisturize and lay your edges for self care. And take a moment to be still and present for soul care.

6. “Foster good habits--ROUTINE!” Habits form after 2 weeks so no worries if you have bad ones! And if you have good ones, keep them up!

7. “Learn to REST--Busy is not better and your worth isn’t measured by the length of your to-do-list.” Y’all I always rush to the next and forget to enjoy my now but in 2019, my goal is to operate from a place of rest.

8. “Be Patient. Patience is a virtue.” I will add that it’s not about our timing but God’s timing. Sis, I am the queen of telling God when he is going to do something AND it NEVER works out well. Let’s save ourselves the heartache and wait on Him.

9. “DO NOT worry.” This has been my biggest struggle but faith is 100% trust in God. We cannot trust God AND WORRY at the same time. I heard a quote that SHOOK me, “Worry cancels prayers.” Point. Blank. Period.

10. “Adjust your expectations. Rather than having extreme expectations one way or the other, learn to accept contentment whatever comes your way.” Disappointments happen when people fail to meet our expectations and as a result, we get frustrated. But the issue is we we are all human so it is important to not lower our expectations but to give grace to others.

11. “Take risks--Be willing to take risks for God by faith. Live FEARLESSLY and wisely and without regrets. God does NOT call the qualified, he qualifies the called.” Trust that when you step out on the ledge, trust that God will catch you when you fall. What does this mean? When you think you hear God and do something out of faith in him, even if you get it wrong God will meet you because at least you trusted God. And when you are confident you heard from God, even if it is a risk, you will have peace about it.

12. “Evaluate your emotions. Emotions themselves aren’t bad BUT it is what we do with them that is KEY. Controlling them by first acknowledging them, evaluate them against the truth and then surrender them to God.” Sis, do not let your feelings dictate your actions.

13. “Press into pain. Pain serves a purpose, and it is for my good. Trust God with it.” I truly believe everything happens for a reason and nothing surprises God. He will use the good and he will also use the bad FOR my good.

14. “Take sin seriously. There are serious consequences for our sins and it is foolish to brush them off as insignificant.”

15. “Embrace grace. Grace is something we gratefully receive from God, letting it completely saturate and satisfy your soul. Grace is also something for us to gladly extend to others as sort of ug through which we offer the gift of love, forgiveness, or comfort.”  Grace is a gift NOT a job. I am grateful we don’t have to work for grace aka God’s favor towards us.

16. “SEEK healing. No shame in seeking counsel to help process traumatic events or deep set pain. God uses people, his word as part of the healing process, so find a godly friend or mentor and run to Jesus.” It is okay to ask for help. God uses therapists, counselors, etc to help us heal our soul and spirit.

17.“LIVE LOVED. Know the creator of the universe loves you passionately, completely, unconditionally, and eternally. NOTHING matters more this.” Please know friend, you are loved so deeply for someone who died to KNOW you. (Romans 5:8).

18. “Cultivate an eternal perspective. Keeping my thoughts heavenward chokes out fears and cultivates hope. Focus on the things that matters for Christ and let everything else go.”

19. Never dim your light and make yourself invisible. Sis, do not hide the best parts of yourself. What you show is what people see. DO NOT feel bad about shining your light or sharing your brilliance, creativity, etc..

20. STOP talking yourself out of stuff. Get rid of the imposter syndrome. No more meetings with the negative committee in your head. TAKE advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

21. NEVER allow your comfort zone to prevent you from reaching your dreams and aspirations. You can either stay in what is comfortable OR you can take that leap of faith. Embrace where life is taking you. EVERYTHING you want is on the other side of your comfort zone.

22.Listen to listen and not to be heard. Listening is an art and you must learn to be present in the moment. When someone has something to say, hear them instead of preparing what you have to say. Listen with an open heart.

23.GOD USES everything. That quirky trait, God will use it. That stutter, God will use it. That awkwardness, God will use it. Sometimes the things that drive us crazy about ourselves may be central to the fulfillment of our  potential.

24, “Make God’s glory your goal. This world does not revolve around you.” Y’all I cannot lie, I can be self-centered and focused on my own problems that I forget about those around me. Not good. What we go through isn’t just for us but to help someone else who may go through the same thing later.

25. “Finally, Be prepared to be amazed. God cannot be measured, counseled, or fully understood. Our God created the world by the word of His mouth.”

This was a mouthful of lessons but hopefully they spoke to you like they spoke to me.  Your life is a process so don’t get frustrated when you don’t see immediate results. As long as you strive for small improvements and let God do the rest, you will be straight. Keep shining, king and queen!!


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