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Knowing These Spiritual Truths Can Set Us Free.

I just wanted to share a few things God has told me over the years that I make a conscious decision to settle in my heart every day. I admit I sometimes still struggle to completely grasp these things but it’s about CHOOSING to believe it. And then, our feelings will follow. So here we go!

Sis, I want you to know that….

1. God knows what he is doing. There are many things in my life where I have questioned God, why. I grew up thinking I could not question God but how can faith grow on assumptions and hearsay? God is sovereign which means he is in control and he knows all things. I have wrestled with bad things happening to good people but I now realize, if God allowed it, he HAS to be working on it to MAKE IT GOOD. If the situation isn’t good, then God is not done.

2. What is for you, is for you. When God has something for you, NO ONE can snatch it away. No one can get in the way and prevent it from getting to you. See sis, God’s blessings are like an ocean, not a pie. When he blesses someone else, it does not take away your chance of a blessing. His blessings are NEVER ENDING. What’s for you will find YOU.

3. God wastes nothing. Hear me, sis. GOD WASTES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in your life. Not time. Not experiences. He uses IT ALL. I used to believe God caused things in my life without factoring in all the pieces: me, Him, and the enemy. God does not cause anything but what was meant to hurt you by the enemy, he WILL USE. I read a quote recently that says, “The most ugliest parts of your story right now will be the MOST powerful part of your testimony.”

4. God may not operate in the timing that we want, but it is always the exact time that we

need! This is THEE MOST DIFFICULT PROMISE that I have to tell myself every single day. You know why this is so difficult for me? The temptation is for me to rush God thinking it will get to me quicker BUT the key word is PATIENCE. Sometimes, I want to see the fruit of the seeds I water immediately but there is always a reason for the wait. ALWAYS. “I am sure that God keeps no one waiting UNLESS he sees that it is good for him to wait.”—CS Lewis.

5. It is okay to not be okay (temporarily). Sometimes, we can get frustrated while waiting on God to come through. If you know me, you know I have been in a waiting season for a couple years now. My favorite phrase to use is “wait well” but what does it mean? And how can we do that? I used to think it meant waiting without zero worry, concern, or questions, LIKE EVER. But the real deal is I am human and so are you. It is okay to VENT TO GOD. It is okay! Better to talk it out than to completely leave Him out and walk away. Let him know how you feel so there is no facade. Get those hard feelings out, sis! God KNOWS ANYWAY! After you release the frustration, the secret to being OK is knowing that God is cooking up something. There comes a point where we have to trust that what he says is true. While we are waiting, he is working.

6. Seeds of comparison will constantly try to plant in your mind BUT DON’T keep watering them! I used to feel guilty whenever I compare my life to someone else. Shoot, I still do. I am realizing that thoughts of comparison are inevitable but it is about what we do with them. To me, life is like a garden. We each have different seeds thrown at us in the form of our decisions(worry, stress, guilt, sex, comparison, envy, anger, etc…) but it is up to us what we decide to water. When I say water, I mean we have the choice to decide what we will let take up residence in our minds. We have a choice to act on what we think. Let’s choose wisely.

7. This Christian walk and life itself has its ups and downs. There is no way around this. When I first started living for Christ for real, for real, I thought life would be a linear line, always getting better and better. Lies, lies, lies! This journey called life is more like scatter plot where God connects our dots. There will be hills and valleys. It is apart of life and it is a part of following God because things are constantly thrown at us. Those things either elevate our faith or expose it for how low it really is. Take each thing life throws as an opportunity for growth. Know sis, that God will pull the good out of any bad situation in your life.

8. Peace is an everyday decision. It means having a confidence that God is there with us in no matter what situation we get ourselves in. I say peace over and over and over and over because it is something I struggle with the most. So peace is attainable but the best way we can actually have it is to make a decision to trust God DAILY. I have found I have to consciously say in my mind, “I’m choosing peace today.” Keep at it, sis. My prayer is peace follows you every single day of your life!

So my sista, these are just a few things I meditate on daily. Keep these in mind but your walk with God is YOUR walk with God. It is a relationship so my prayer is that you find these things out for yourself! It may take a minute but it is worth it. Lastly, these things are not a one time attainable thing, it is a lifetime of walking these out. So cheers to the both of us on our lifelong journey of settling God’s truths in our heart!

Never ever forget that God has a plan for you. He sees you. I mean, really sees you. And most of all, know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

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